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Cat fanatics everywhere rejoice! Cat Nation takes viewers on a journey into the unique, often bizarre world of Japanese cat culture. Follow British YouTube personality Chris Broad, as he treks across the land of the rising sun to document numerous unusual cat-centric activities such as cat themed cafes, bars, temples, and even entire cat islands! Discover cats with human jobs, explore cat friendly businesses, and uncover the origins of the iconic beckoning cat statue.


Cats don't want to be loved. They want to be worshiped. And nowhere is this worship more prevalent than in Cat Nation: A Film About Japan's Crazy Cat Culture.

Cat Island - Japan is home to several cat islands. What exactly is a cat island?

Well it's what it sounds like - an entire island overrun by cats!

Station Master Cat - Nitama is a runs a

train station. Why? Well, because it's Japan.

Station Master Cat - Nitama is a cat that runs a train station. Why? Well, because it's Japan.

Real Life Beckoning Cat - Hachi works at a small tobacconist

which sells lottery tickets. The store's customers have won

great fortunes thanks to Hachi!

Cat Cemetery - Cat Nation explores a cemetery which is known to be home

to numerous cats. And the cats didn't disappoint. 

Nameneko - Before internet cat memes, Japan had already

mastered the art of viral cat photos. Nameneko is a brand

which created a series of cat photos, and perhaps started

Japan's unique cat culture.


This film was made with the help of our generous Kickstarter supporters. Thank you so much for all your support. We couldn’t have finished it without you.

Tina Le

Nicholas Jacobi

Celeste Ang Puay Lin

Troy Jones

Kim Dyer

Asta Korkeamäki

Babacca Coxinha

Rescue Dog Films

Wilja Overeijnder

Andrew Nascimento

Kathy Duggan

Chris "Neko-kun" Torrey

Alexa Kontzamanys

Matthew de Greeve

Phil + Anne Kim

Bernardo & Lindsey Anderson

Harry Lam

Whina Pomana

Jenny Carter


Adrian Khor Yung Kian

Noah Attwood

Solomon Rodriguez

Kevin Oman

Rian Miller

Adrian Harrold

Mason and Frederick Olsen

Jeremy Johnson

Dave Nattriss

Mitchell Miner

S Carter

David Moss

Garry McGrouther

Rachel Sheil

Katrina Reid

Sherry Khanny

Christine Lukich

Argun Tekant

Ellen Gillander

Taylor Prince

Florence J Noble

Leah Biel

Lucky Cat Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio

Joy Huang

Fabiënne van Wunnik

Mindie Jeanne Kaplan

Muqadus Gul

Jess Harris

Stacey Freedenthal

Noodle & Sparkles

April Guenther

Jess Steffan

Connie and Kevin Lagge

Sarah Gable Fyffe

Joanne Schlanger

Jenelle Silvy

Kylie Flavel

Laura White

Lea F. Hagemann

Nancieanne Hopkins & Ellie

Rebecca Doyle-Walker




Ian David

Anneke Stagg


Wayne McGrath

Aiden Whitehead

Executive Producers

Motonori Kan (Wonduk Han)

Elio Orsara

Tracy Fauver

Mary Griest

Jennifer Chapman

Jack Vaughn

Jason Khan

Mike Whelan

Jacob Hernandez

Michael Holmes

Cameron Leyden

Craig Paton

Jimmi & Anna

Asimov the cat

Dylan Byth

Clifford "Cliff's Notes"

Georgina Rovirosa

Cath "Kitty-Kitty Meow-Meow" Winks

Paul van Deventer

Lena Imamura

Sofia Nocito

Wesley A. N. Benavides

Benjamin Neu

Aleksandyr Raikov


Andy Jennings

July Van Malderen

Erin Flaherty

Timothy Hoogland

Professor MuCat Ramsey

Wiri Suvanmani

Kirsty George

Lisa K

Marion LuckyCat Gurney and Sophie

Lety Ramirez

Kira Landenberger

Jos van der Heiden

Jess Williams (Kitsu)

Athena Funtowicz

Melissa Avdeeff

Eleanor Thomas

Marco Jirasek

Allan & Helen Gunn

Jake Hill

Tzar & Buba, lost too soon

Katie Sales

Fiona Austen

Robert Jon Mudry

Charlotte Zoller


Marie Slatton-Valle

Apollo Mojica

Matthew Mowczko

Amanda L. DeMattio

Patrick Waugh and Destinie Carbone

Randa Benham

Haley Cristea >^..^<

Ash Hodgson

Sheila Halls

Benjamin Hausman

Michael and Darcy Bert

Mike and Jen Shephard

Tara & Mysha Inman


Samantha Juhasz

Marileen Mennerich

Bethany Barger

Zoe + Kaylee

Jared MacRobb

Kyra Schwartz

Valerie Murray Larenne


Angela Demijohn
Amy Davis
T. Cole Rachel
Nune Boyadjian
Peter Suen
Marne McGrath
Sandy Smith



Konstantina kalompratsos

Debbie Leef

Tomas Michalkevic

Barnaby Panton

Paris Lee

Vincent Pham

Matt Mendoza

Ilona Buklis


Rachelle Abellar

Cara Reed

Jeff Weiss

Aaron Shaddock

Sara Johnson

Anita Shiels

Peter Csonka

Jelena Vukcevic

Jack Sadler

Susie Raisher

Super Cass


Tina "Feverfew" Symanczyk

Thomas Wagener

Paul Meas

Jack Skowron

Kai Gosewinkel


Laurens Huige

Sarah Batten

Thomas Adam Griffin-Lea

Tuberu tu beru

Ellen Power

Miguel Toro-Alvarez

Madeleine Simpson-Seward

Richard Sheller

Chantal "Crazy Cat Lady" Slagmolen

Peter Gerard

Lucy Smither


Katrina-Kay S. Alaimo

Alex & Kylie Kesselaar

Cali Wills

Bianka Kovacs

Katie hyatt

Jakov Matić

Gaëlle Fouasse

Cristine Steller

Nadia van Axel Dongen


Kit Ilayna Turner

Miyuki McGuffie

Dorothea Rose

Siobhan Smith

Sky Croxford

Meg Boldan

Silvia Yordanova

Rebecca Otowa

Alison Beever

Brie Berry

Sabine Waasdorp


Aurora Hurrell


Kimberley de Visser

Jonas Bierberg Hedegaard

Denbeigh Inman

Dave Murillo

Taylor Hobbs

Geof Stanton

Jeff Eagle

Paris Lee

Dave Moore

Pete Vandeplassche

Dan Prati

Jason Bradford

Frank Lee

Darleen Lee

Simon Delmastro

Kris Maric

Daniel Johnson

Sebastian Fehr

Joe Delmastro

Jessica Johnstone

Jackson Hall

Daniel Vessi

Craig Kocinski

Darlene & Rob Hill

Sarah K. Montemayor

Dena Fletcher

Brielle Kang


Thomas Molloy

Fallon Elaine Cohen

Andrew Cordwell

Jacob Lowe

Sabrina Sanches

M.C. Mendonca

Edwardo Corochio

Sheila Thomas


Greg "Cats!" Burrell

Fermin Serena Hortas



Nathan Tardy

Gerol Bayani


Tim Delmastro: Director/Producer  -  Tim has been working as a filmmaker for over a decade, having directed numerous documentaries, short films and TV commercials. His last film, Miso Hungry: The Effortless Japanese Diet, was about a comedian in Japan trying to lose weight. Now he's moved onto cats in Japan. He also look a lot like Cat Stevens. Coincidence? Yes.

Chris Broad: Host  -  Chris is the star of the very popular Abroad in Japan YouTube channel, where he documents the many cultural curiosities he has encountered while living in Japan. His fan base has grown to a quarter of a million subscribers, all of whom are unfailingly polite and encouraging in the comments section.

Jason Spencer: Writer/Co-producer  -  Jason is a freelance writer, which is code for "guy who's kinda broke." He has collaborated with me many times in the past, on both film projects and his secret spaghetti carbonara recipe.

Mr Mittens: Lead Cat Advisor/Actual Cat  -  Mr Mittens has an official Cat Fancy rating of "11/10, top cat, would nuzzle." In his spare time he likes to cough up fur balls and vomit on the bathroom floor.



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